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Very cheap Nokia touchscreen phone RM-990 spotted


Some think Microsoft wil abandon feature phones but we discovered that Nokia’s is still working on very interesting feature phones to conquer emerging countries.

After we found a new Lumia codenamed RM-974 last week, we searched Zabia a little more and discover that a new product code RM-990 was imported.

As you can see it has a touchscreen and costs only 1.889 Indian Rupee being $ 30,- thats right 30….!! Currently the cheapest -modern- Nokia touchscreen device in India is the Asha 500 and this costs around 4.300 INR. So if this is really true this would be a breaktrought in pricing! We belief Nokia & Microsoft can conquer the lower markets with this kind of pricing. So could this be a Nokia X V? … or just a cheap Asha?

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