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VBA8 Emulator reposted + Tutorial on how to get started using VBA8


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It is finally back, the gameboy advance emulator, VBA8.  Pokemon and many other classics have finally made their way back to my windows phone.

This app is very simple once you have your roms loaded into the app you can start up any game you have.  The emulator will let you have your game and then pick it back up when ever you want, everything a good emulator needs this app has.

Click HERE to download VBA8, I am going to include a step by step if you are not sure how to get roms into VBA8. Click here for our  video tutorial on getting ROMs into VBA8.

 Step 1, go to coolrom.com

Step 2, go under rom files and select gameboy advance

Step 3, scroll own until you see download now







Step 4, it will open a new window which will ask you to wait for 10 seconds before you can download.  Once the 10 seconds is up a download button will appear, click it

Step 5, once the file is download, go to skydrive and log in

Step 6, go to the top and click upload, and select the .gba file of your game

Step 7, once the file is done downloading open VGA8 from your windows phone.  Slide right twice and you will see a skydrive section, log in and click import roms.  Then you will go in and select your .gba file and it will be imported onto your rom list and will be ready to play.

I hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to comment.


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