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Updates: Where’s my water (40 new levels), Weather channel, Crazy racer, NextGen Reader, Stop the music.


Time for some major and minor apps and games updates!!

Popular game Where’s my water? 2 from Disney has added 40 levels and 70 new challenges with the latest update.

Now a whopping update with BRAND NEW locations, challenges, AND collectibles!

• 40 new levels across 2 adventure-filled locations: “Pirate Cove” is a crazy cavern of treasures and mysteries, and see a Gator-style Mardi Gras celebration in “Party in the Park”!

• Put your skill to the test and see how fast you can complete 70 NEW Challenges & 6 Fun Collectibles!

• Don’t forget to check out all-new balloon mechanics!

Where’s My Water? 2 is now bigger than EVER with 300+ levels & challenges!

Weather Channel app has also seen a major update which makes its more useful than ever and most importantly fixes “Banner ads” distraction.

This update is a complete re-creation of our offering to be even more accurate and relevant to your life. Highlights include:

-Fixed banner ads functionality

-Removed: augmented reality, my friends weather, and iwitness photos

-Updated tile content and main panorama

-Fixed 10 days forecast line break, assorted minor bug fixes, and performance improvements

Crazy Racer 3D sees second update in quick succession and this one brings some much-demanded improvements. Seems the dev has taken note of some of quirks pointed out in our review and raised my many other users.

v1.1.0.0 updatelist:

1. TWO new luxury cars added !

2. Improved control experience.

3. Reduced items` price.

4. Several bugs fixed.

Stop the music, a nice utility app has also seen update but comes without a changelog.

 One of the best Feedly client, Nextgen Reader has seen a bug-fixing update.

Fixed: The reading view is blank i.e. fails to load article.

Click on the direct links below to update the apps on your device.

Nextgen Reader

Where’s my water? 2

Stop the music

Crazy Racer 3D

Weather Channel app


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