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Tweet It! for Windows 10 mobile updated with new features.


The best unofficial twitter client for Windows 10 mobile “Tweet It” snags a new major update. This update brings a lot of new changes and features. Th new update changed the app’s version number to 2.2 . This update gave a new life to this app with some cool features and bug fixes.

Here is the changelog.

– Improved CPU and RAM usage
– Added ability to translate tweets
– Notification in menu when you have new tweets, mentions, messages and etc.
– UI improvements
– Fixed repeating push notifications bug
– Added ability to change tab by vertical swipe on right side of screen (for phones)
– Improved reading position handling
– Improved messages (ability to view over 140 symbols and attached pictures)
– Ability to pin profiles on 10586 build if this feature is supported by device
– Improved tweet conversation viewing
– Lots of bug fixes

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Source : Tumbler 

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