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Try this : “Azedeem: End of Era (TCG)”for Windows 10 mobile


Try this , Azedeem: End of Era (TCG)  a new game for Windows 10 mobile. This is a Trading Card Game full of magic and danger. There are two game modes: a singleplayer and a multiplayer. The singleplayer has 4 different storylines depending on a chosen side and in a multiplayer mode players fight against each other to become the best. To become more powerful one can upgrade and evolve cards, improve hero attributes or use special abilities and spells.

Azedeem: End of Era (TCG):

  • Hundreds of main and side quests.
  • Great battles where it is necessary to develop a unique strategy.
  • Lots of amazing cards.
  • Upgrade and evolve your cards to discover new cards and abilities.
  • Upgrade and improve characteristics of your hero to become immortal.
  • Use hundreds of cards and hero’s abilities.
  • Create different decks and combinations to use the full power of your creatures.
  • Play a unique for each race campaign to learn the full story of a magic world.
  • No need to wait: there is no “energy” or something else you need to wait to restore to continue playing.

The best part of this game is that it is free to download in Windows Store.

Thanks Arthur for this tip!!!!

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh4v6f3]

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