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    I am user of a Nokia Lumia 720 and truly speaking I love the phone. The design is excellent, build quality superb, lookwise fantastic. An excellent example of Nokia’s design & manufacturing capabilities. But alas, the phone is handicapped by a rotten OS. Actually the OS itself is not rotten, Microsoft’s policy is. Being the user I need a good music player, a good video player and I must have the liberty to explore the file system at my will, should be able to create my own folders, should be able to access those folders through the applications, should be able to take backup at my will into my chosen location, should be able to copy contacts to & from SD card, should be able to install applications in the SD card and so on. But the assholes in Microsoft denies a user all these things and killing the platform. Whatever sales figures & growth for Windows phone you showcase, write it down on a stamp paper that Windows phone platform will stagnate & eventually die because of the wrong policy of Microsoft. And if anybody has any hope that things will improve after Nokia hands over its devices division to Microsoft, its daydreaming. Nokia is superb devices company and no user has any complain against their devices. Nokia failed in the market because it choose the wrong platform. If Nokia made Android devices, Samsung would have been nowhere today. Users like Android not because it is a great OS, but because of the flexibility & control it offers to the users and does not block everything like Microsoft. Why do you think Windows XP is popular even today. Because the later Windows OSes like Win 7 & Win 8 snatches away the control from the users. I fervently hope that Android starts making a Win XP type desktop OS and kickout Windows from its last remaining bastion.

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    First let me thank both Kamal & Narender for their comments on the topic i started. See, the primary reason for starting the topic is that I love both Nokia & Microsoft very much, but I am pained to see the wrong decisions being taken by Nokia, like selling their devices & services business to Microsoft and the totally wrong policy being followed by Microsoft alienating a large number of users. None of us, or very few people elsewhere, is actually criticising the devices being manufactured by Nokia. In spite of Nokia surrendering their market share to Samsung & others, nobody is actually saying that the devices manufactured by Nokia are bad. They are not. The problem lies with the soul in those devices. It is not that Microsoft cannot make excellent software. They have risen to become the world’s top software company by selling great softwares like Windows, MS Office or Visual Studio. Whatever be the level of piracy, Microsoft has still amassed a fortune by selling these user friendly & easily tweakable softwares which had also made Bill gates the richest man in the world. But they are not satisfied with all their riches. They want that portion of the pie also which they feel is being snatched away by the pirates. In their own wisdom Microsoft has decided to follow the path of Apple and close down evrything from users as well as from third party developers so that they can minimise the risk of losing their control over the software. For a Windows Phone user it feels like owning a fantastic new car where you cannot attach the music system of your choice, you cannot fill up the fuel tank with normal petrol, you cannot carry more than 3 persons in the back seat and so on. Basically with the Windows phone OS the user is loosing his freedom. And that hurts. A Lumia user is not an illiterate person. Whether a student or a housewife or a businessman or an executive, that person craves for full control over his life including his / her smartphone. When Kamal asks whether all smartphone owners need that type of control over his phone, my answer is yes. A lumia owner is not a run of the mill mobile user. In spite of the all pervasive Android scenario if a person has chosen a Lumia, he is different and ahead of others. And Microsoft is curtailing the freedom of such a person. Mark my word. A day will come in not so distant future when Microsoft will be relegated to the footnote of mobile phone business, if not in desktop, if they do not change their policy. It’s sad to see two great tech companies are dying inspite of all the love they enjoy from the users.

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    Narender Singh

    And what when some of the songs downloaded by Nokia Mix Radio are deleted automatically (not an isolated issue)? What when you receive a file from somebody and it gets lost somewhere and and it appears twice? What when your phone’s inbox gets full because you send text messages and this system can’t even embed delivery reports to the sent messages? What when WhatsApp notifications are not received and phone needs a restart or even a reset at times.
    A long way to go before WP can be relied upon and I’m not going to wait for that anymore (for now) and picking up an android. Asha used to work better than this (of course only for the things it was capable of) 😐

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    But, do all the smartphone owners want so much flexibility and customization from the phone they use? I think it is different strokes for different folks. That said MS really needs to expedite WP OS development and File manager is one of the most asked for “missing feature”.

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    Narender Singh

    Pretty right, @avitaran. Microsoft is trying something opposite of what Android is doing. Instead of opening things up, they are locking them. From the desktop windows 8 to the windows phone. Microsoft wants to control everything and keep it locked to themselves with no access and proper APIs for the appps to do specific tasks. Infact the present set of APIs make many of the apps handicapped when they are ported from Android to Windows Phone.
    Microsoft has lived the open world in the past and they know it was such an amazing time, ruling all devices. Talking of windows, Windows 7 was really superb. 8 isn’t bad, but the metro apps are.
    Unless Microsoft is ready to open up the APIs, mere file manager is nothing. Apps can’t save to the Video library, WhatsApp cannot access the videos and music library to upload anything.
    @kamalnm you’re right, but in today’s world if WP forces you to live like kids, I won’t like that. You can’t even attach files to your email (again having a file manager alone won’t solve this). WP is still so lame that it can’t walk long if Microsoft is unable to do much. With BlackBerry 10 devices almost ready to run Android apps more properly, I’m sure it will become a much better OS than WP. A few cheap and proper devices running BB10 is all that takes to win over some devices marked as Microsoft which will look like Chinese Copy pastas. Nokia’s mlogo and efforts can’t sell Lumias for long. Sure there are many who prefer simplicity, but then there are many more who need more advanced functions.
    As much as I like Nokia, I keep on hating WP. Even a dirt cheap Asha Phone has better file management and Usability Shortcuts than WP which is built by the king of Operating Systems.
    I’m afraid, someday Microsoft will take the apple path, or maybe the historical Nokia path by developing software and services only for them and their devices. I see Microsoft wants to be the next apple.
    Wish Jolla could do something by bringing in a better OS which works like Android 😉

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    Well, I understand your frustration with lack of poweruser stuff in the WP OS. But attaching pictures, files etc to mail works with Windows Phone :). If I have to pick two areas where I would like to see improvement in WP then one is multitasking and background process control and other will be related to toggles for common settings.

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