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    Okay getting to the point. The Disqus is not rendering correctly on Palemoon and EDGE browsers.
    They load fine in Maxthon and IE. (Palemoon is my main browser)

    The thing is that I use WCCFTech for my tech news, as well, and the Disqus renders fine there on all the browsers, so I can’t start to pinpoint the reason it doesn’t load on here.

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    I just checked on Edge browsers and it renders fine. Not sure about palemoon as I don’t use it.

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    I am reproducing this on my laptop and desktop.
    If it involves antivirus, the laptop is using avast! and desktop is using Windows Defender, both are Windows 10 computers.

    For some reason they don’t like the social widget implemented.
    I find it odd that it works for you on EDGE, but that’s okay, not everyone will have a problem.

    Wow! The social widgets showed-up fine on the WordPress page to login, I don’t understand why they don’t like being on here.

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