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Top stories from Weekend: Nokia Glass. Nokia teases a September date. Nokia EOS story. Asha 501 released. Lumia 925 doing well in UK.


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So we are bringing to you a summary of what we covered over the weekend and what you may have missed, in case you don’t like to visit sites on weekend.

Nokia Glass:

A patent shows Nokia has already worked and has the tech to go for wearable display aka Nokia Glass.


 Lumia 925 is doing well in UK and Lumia 920 in China:

Price cuts make Lumia 920 have its best sales run on TMall in China. Lumia 925 doing really well in UK at dialaphone, Clove and Three.




 Nokia EOS what we know and what we expect:

We have tried to compile all the Nokia EOS details and see what we know and what we expect. Interesting read, may be.


 Asha 501 finally launched:

Even after Q1 being not so good, Nokia took its sweet time in launching Asha 501. Anyways, it is on pre-order now.


 Joe Belfiore had enough of rumor-mongering:


And last but certainly not the least,

Nokia teases a date in September. Phablets coming?:


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