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This is a most have for any comic book fan, Manga Blaze



Manga Blaze is not only an easy way to read your favorite comics, but you also have the access to follow your favorite comics so you do not miss a beat.  Manga Blaze allows you to browse, search, download, and read any of your favorite comics, and you can save them under your favorites list to keep them organized just the way you want.


• A large variety of settings, configure the app the way it best suits you

• A configurable live tile

• Download chapters to read offline

• Automatic tracking of your read chapters and quickly resume from the last page that you were reading

• Browse each source by various criteria and quickly check the recent updates

• 12 manga sources to choose from

• Find new series either by name or author

• Backup your data on OneDrive

• Configure updates on app startup

• A background agent to keep you up to date with the latest releases

• Preloading the next pages in the background so you don’t have to wait when you turn the page

• Bookmark specific pages, so that you can quickly get back to them

• I’m open to your suggestions to make the app better

I am very excited about this app, expect a hands on for Manga Blaze soon on our youtube channel.  If you want to give manga blaze a shot then just click HERE

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