Home News The “Nokia ringtone” turns 20. Celebration video!!

The “Nokia ringtone” turns 20. Celebration video!!


In India, which has been hailed as a Nokia country for long due to its love for Nokia phones, it is very common to hear that “Nokia tone” ringing on one of the phones around. Now, this sweet and one of the most-used ringtone ever has turned 20 and Nokia US has posted a video to mark the occasion. They also reveal an interesting fact that the ringtone was composed in 1902, long back its first introduction on a Nokia 2110.

Which came first, Nokia phones or the famous Nokia ringtone? The tune first appeared in the Nokia 2110, which was released in 1994.

It might come as a surprise that the ringtone (also called Grande Valse) was composed in 1902 — a full 92 years before we released the 2110.

Happy 20th birthday to the Nokia tune 🙂

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