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Tango update for Windows phone OS enhances multitasking of apps to 8. RAM usage by apps also gets improvement.

With onset of Tango update for Windows phone OS, Lumia owners will be treated with enhanced multitasking. Windows Phone Tango will support 8 background apps switching instead of earlier 5 only.

Below is the screenshot of background tasks posted at XDA dvelopers forum. There are improvements in memory usage of applications as well, and it seems applications are using less RAM with Tango than the current 12070 firmware.

MMS has also got some improvements with delivery acknowledgement added with Tango.

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  • Jase

    Enhancements to something that is already the easiest OS to use and configure and the most integrated and seamless communications experience out of the box. After doing a software update I was set up with 3 Google apps accounts, a works email exchange server, facebook, twitter, windows live and whatsapp in under 30 mins. All my contacts are on my google accounts so these we automatically sync’d when I added them to the phone… truly amazing and soooo easy – if I hadn’t already mentioned that.
    My wife (Lumia 710) and I (Lumia 800) ARE BLOWN AWAY WITH THIS. Everyone that has seen it so far have suggested a move to Lumia, not just cos the OS is wicked but also because the phones are stylish (not just black) and the price is amazing – Lumia £150 + £20 unlock code from Vodafone UK.
    I really cannot fault this at the moment especially with free Nokia apps for maps, drive, creative studio, etc…
    Once tethering arrives and Nokia finally return to offline navigation, ingrate maps and drive syncing them to somewhere (Nokia or windows live account), then these devices will be unbeatable. The consumer will benefit greatly from more than 2 mobile ecosystems and it will be more down to personal preference. Each ecosystem will have it’s followers and I’m sure the NokiaSoft one will have many migrating to them.
    I’m obviously a Nokia fanboy (I worked there for 15 years once) and I’ve been patiently waiting for this for a long time. My house (all the kids stuff) is full of iPods, iPhones and iPads but I never really got on with it, and don’t get me wrong they are great.
    BUT! I reckon Nokia + WP7/8 IS GREAT! It is ideal for me, for what I need do and the way I want to do it… bring on the WP8 tablets and then I feel a kinda digital completeness of seamless integration.

    • Very true. Nokia devices are known for their “bang for bucks” quotient.Lumia is no exception.