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Hotspot 2.0 & Insider Preview ring selector arrive with Mobile Build 14327

Windows 10 Mobile Build 14327 is here for Insiders in Fast Ring and it brings cool features like "Messaging Everywhere" and now one can delete messages by swiping to left in text messaging inbox...

Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0 support for Windows 10 Mobile coming soon

Long after (one year) Microsoft's official slides from WinHEC PPTs confirmed that Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0 feature is coming to Windows 10, it finally may be here soon, as confirmed by a recent leak. As...

Windows 10: Wi-Fi direct, Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0 & Bluetooth (audio & other) enhancements revealed

More upcoming Windows 10 features here!! We just reported about many new features and abilities like: Activity detection & new sensors, USB-C & Mice / Keyboard support, New imaging capabilities, HEC support for native...

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