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Lumia 720 global variant (RM-885) and Lumia 520 (RM-915) variant comes to FCC. External and Internal disassembly Pics.

Lumia 720's global variant RM-885 and Lumia 520's variant RM-915 which is destined for Australia, North America, South America according to bluetooth listing earlier revealed by us.   Surprisingly T-Mobile specific Lumia 520 variant Lumia 521 or RM-917 hasn't yet come to FCC.Have a look at some disassembly pictures of Lumia 720.Have a

Lumia Tablet not coming at MWC. Nokia to unveil only Lumia smartphones. Says Strategy Analytics.

Strategy Analytics has opined based on extensive channel checks that Nokia may not unveil the rumored "Lumia Tablet" at MWC. They believe Nokia's strategy will be "smartphones first" for MWC this year. They further mention that Nokia will want to expand its Lumia smartphone range and solidify its growing leadership of the global

After RM-860, RM-885 (Lumia 720) and RM-914 (Lumia 520) RM-887 shows itself on Occasional gamer.

We last reported Lumia device listed as RM-860 destined for USA and having entries at both Occasional gamer and NaviFirm. we came to know about two new Lumia devices RM-885 (Lumia 720) and RM-914 (Lumia 520) passing certification in Indonesia., one more entry with FW variant RM-887 is there at Occasional