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#Nokia Camera confirmed coming to all Lumia WP8 devices with “Nokia Black” update!!

[embedit snippet="fluids"] One of our readers Donny has his [Fingers, Toes, Legs, eyes and Intestines crossed] for this. So Donny, no need to keep everything crossed now. Set your organs free, as Nokia has officially confirmed  over NokConv that "Nokia Camera" is coming to all Lumia WP8 devices with "Nokia Black"

Oversampling with upcoming “#Nokia Black” to give more natural and less noisier images!!

[embedit snippet="fluids"] When Lumia 1020 stepped into 808 PureView's shoes with 41 MP sensor, many were  disappointment with the new approach of oversampling resulting in saturated and noisier images with more detail. Seems, all those complaints may have worked as "Juha" from Nokia has confirmed in a tweet that the upcoming