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For $79 NexDock turns your Lumia 950 / XL into a Laptop

The Continuum feature on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL has been highlighted by Microsoft as one of the key selling points of the flagship devices. The continuum feature allows one to connect Lumia...

Nokia patents a detachable two-part Phone / Laptop hybrid

  Nokia has been granted a patent recently for a versatile phone / laptop hybrid with a detachable display. Nokia intends to bring theĀ  best blend of value offered by Laptops and smartphones in one....

Microsoft announces Windows 10 for devices having 4 inch screens to 80 inch screens

  Cat is out of the bag and it has skipped one generation (Windows 9) altogether to be known as Windows 10. The above picture says it all. From Phones, to Internet of things to...

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