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Bytes: MS promotes Lumia 521 targetting off-contract SGS 4. Itsdagram name changed to “Instance” in latest update.

MS's windows phone team is getting more and more aggressive with their advertisements lately. Directly targeting iPhone and SGS 3 and 4 with "wedding advertisement," "Stunner vs bummer" campaign and low-light adverts etc. In the latest advertisement promoting "awesome for the price" Lumia 521 they have almost called off-contract SGS 4 waste

Ad-supported and fully featured version of Itsdagram now available at WP store.

Itsdagram the first fully featured Instagram client has been available as a paid application at WP store with a trial option. Now, the developer has made a ad-supported free version of Itsdagram with all features of paid client available at the store. You can download the application by clicking here. It