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Nokia releases “Pure View” Teaser video !! Hints at N8 successor coming to MWC.

Pure detail Pure depth Pure definition Get ready to capture a Pure View :) 27th Feb 2012, MWC. This all are keywords of a Nokia's official teaser video, which reminds me of promotions before Legendary N8's launch. So N8 successor...

Camera smartphone shootout (N8 vs Sony Xperia S), our take!!

Dialaphone.co.uk has done a shootout of 12 MP cameras of Nokia N8 and Sony Xperia S, and declared Xperia S the winner. Now I don't have an issue with Sony catching up with imaging king N8 after...

N8 successor rumors galore.Largest camera sensor ever :) To be revealed at MWC.

Recently two rumors about N8 successor are floating from two reputed names Forbes and BGR. If we consider these two rumors together then we can conclude that, N8 successor/Nokia 803 is scheduled to be released at...

One more shootout( N8 vs SGSII vs Iphone 4S), N8 declared king of quality!!

This time it is from "theycallthislife.net". It has compared N8, Samsung Galaxy SII and IPhone 4S for their camera skills and guess what N8 comes up again with flying colors and is crowned again as King of quality. Read...

Oh N8!! Thou art King,tells TechRadar :)

Now "TechRadar" says N8 is the camera smartphone King.Its 12MP camera blows away the competition once again.And let us have a look at the competition, HTC Evo 3D,Motorola XT720,Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2. Wow,I...

New Social app v1.4.481,software update(Belle incoming)!!

News byte 1: Social,the social networking  apps from Nokia disappeared some time back from store.It is now back in a " shiny new" version ,with full compatibility with only Symbian belle.It simply indicates that Belle is...

Lumia 900 Launch,signifcant? Yes,But much work to do for Nokia going ahead!!

Lumia 900 launch is a significant event for Nokia this year.In many ways it brought many firsts from Nokia,and I hope you will agree with this :) First LTE phone from Nokia First 4.3 inch screen phone form...


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