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Nokia 808 pureview’s rich recording explained. Comparison with Iphone 4S, Galaxy SII, Canon EOS...

Nokia rich recording on 808 pureview promises CD like audio quality from its  recording. While most high end smartphones can only record without distortion to around 110db, the Nokia 808 can comfortably continue to around 140-145...

Official beach photos captured by 808 pureview :)

Nokia posted this album of five sample beach photos captured by 808 pureview's amazing camera on its facebook page. As always the shots are amazing with great clarity, color tone and very natural.

Smoked by Windows Phone challenge,Winodws phone gets smoked by 808 pureview :)

"Smoked by Windows Phone" challenge by the Microsoft’s Windows Phone team has been mentioned in an article at Nokia Conversations. It was done at CES and recently at MWC in Barcelona using a Nokia Lumia 800....

808 pureview announced winner in Phonearena.com’s poll for best phone at MWC.

If you remember, we asked you to vote for 808 pureview in a poll conducted by phonearena for picking up best phone at MWC 2012. So, now the results are out, and 808 pureview blows...

Symbian OS posts 2.8 % growth from Feb to March 2012. Europe and South...

Statscounter is amazing analysis tool, and it reveals information which is respected and accepted by industry.  And today it has revealed very interesting information about  Symbian OS showing growth from Feb 2012 to March 2012. It...

808 pureview new promo videos. Camera features demoed :)

Nokia has just released four videos demonstrating 808 pureview camera features. Demo of slide zoom: Demo of 5 MP imaging: Demo of settings for professional like imaging: Demo of low light performance

Short 808 pureview VS Iphone4S video capturing comparison :)

A person named T3 has posted a comparison of video capturing capabilities of 808 pureview and Iphone 4S. And no points for guessing what might be the result. All other smartphones were not able to beat N8, so there...

N8 vs 808 pureview video comparison.

Thehandheldblog had posted a 7 minute video of N8 and 808 pureview comparison in many aspects like OS, Imaging, Display, Battery, Performance, Design. So check the video and let us know what you think of it.

Nokia says first gen Symbian Belle devices N8,C7,E6,X7,C6-01 will get future updates :)

Nokia has confirmed over Nokia conversations and on its forum that first gen Symbian 3 devices will still get future updates. So we can expect some of Belle Feature pack 1 goodness to spill this...

Nokia confirms with an official article about Symbian/Nokia Belle Feature pack 1 availability for...

As brought to you in our earlier article, Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 will also be made available for new production and current users of Nokia 603, 700 and 701 smartphones in coming months. But...

808 pureview camera technology explained by Guru Damian himself.Sensor and Camera UI screenshots included.

In a recent video uploaded by Nokia, Camera guru Damian Dinning has explained the technology and hard work behind 41 MP monster camera that 808 pureview will proudly use to blow away the competition....

808 pureview videos galore, Camera UI, slide zoom, hands-on, Symbian Belle pack 1 !!

808 pureview Camera UI demo and hands-on by GSMarena Engadget's hands-on videos 542e7d16 e9abdbb4 Nokia official hands on and Camera UI video Symbian Belle feature pack 1 hands on video

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