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Microsoft’s Send email app coming soon to Windows Phone

Microsoft's Garage project has just launched a new app Send, designed for in-and-out email. This app works for people with Office 365 business and school email accounts. It has arrived first on the iPhone, but...

Elop’s email: Windows Phone focus, Additional low-cost Lumias with future Nokia X products design

Stephen Elop has also sent a mail to employees of Microsoft devices group, after Satya Nadella's email brought news about 12,500 job cuts affecting ex-Nokia employees. In his email Elop has reiterated focus on...

More Windows Phone 8.1 leaks: Calendar redesign, Browser file upload, email icon.

With the leaked Windows Phone SDK going to more hands, more secrets are getting revealed. Windowsphonehacker has found some important new features which were not revealed earlier.Windows Phone 8.1 brings not only weekly view...

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