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Weekend Watch: Lumia 720 music output quality. Beautiful Sunset (Beach) captured with Lumia 920!!

In Weekend watch, we are bringing to you two videos. The first one is solely for your viewing pleasure :). Beautiful sunset on Brighton Beach, Australia captured with Lumia 920. We really liked the video and kudos to baqarpak for capturing and sharing it. Watch the video below or click here. [youtube=] The second

Lumia 620 hands-on gallery and video. Has got HAAC mics and Dolby sound for great audio recording and music quality.

Engadget has posted hands-on images gallery and video of already hot favourite Lumia 620. They really have great first impressions of the device, it seems. You can check the image gallery by clicking the link here. Check the hands-on video here, [viddler id=5406de9a w=545 h=307] One great addition to cool features of Lumia