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Nokia 3310 3G available at Clove & CPW in the UK now

Nokia 3310 3G version is now available to buy at major retailers Clove and Carphone Warehouse in the UK. Nokia 3310 3G is priced at £60.00 in the UK. Clove had mentioned a delivery start date of October 25 at the pre-order page when we originally reported but now already has the Red Nokia 3310

Clove claims Nokia 8 launch on September 13 in UK

We last reported about Carphone Warehouse putting the Nokia 8 pre-registration page up in UK. Later Nokia 8 pre-order opened in Germany, Netherlands, Russia, and Australia. Most of these pre-orders put the Nokia 8 release date around 7-8 September. Now Clove has also started registering interests for Nokia 8 and claims