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Claimed Carla screenshots leaked over web.

Check the screenshots below. These have been claimed to be leaked screenshots of Symbian /Nokia Carla. Nokianesia blog claims that they have received these screenshots from their reliable partner. So it seems that many features from N9's Swipe OS and the keyboard from windows phone OS will make its way to Symbian

Symbian/Nokia Belle feature Pack 2 (FP2) revealed. Improved browser is the first in probable changelog.

The scores for different browsers have given a very interesting clue about upcoming updates for Symbian Belle devices 603,700,701 and obviously 808 pureview. Nokia Belle FP 2 (S60 5.5) Nokia 701 242 9 Nokia Belle FP 1 (S60 5.4) Nokia 603, 700 and 701 212 9 It has revealed  new Belle update , Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2

808 pureview videos galore, Camera UI, slide zoom, hands-on, Symbian Belle pack 1 !!

808 pureview Camera UI demo and hands-on by GSMarena [youtube=] [youtube=] Engadget's hands-on videos 542e7d16 e9abdbb4 Nokia official hands on and Camera UI video [youtube=] Symbian Belle feature pack 1 hands on video [youtube=]

Is Symbian Belle Feature pack 1 the unfinished Carla? So 808 pure view actually was released with Carla :)

If you refer to our earlier article about Symbian Carla bug testing on E6,E7,701 and Carla running on 701, you might read the following, Now 701 has been caught at handset detection running the browser version 8.2 and Symbian OS version 112.010.0905 which is close to version number 112.010.0404 being tested for bugs,

Does Pure details,depth and definition means largest sensor, optical zoom and Full HD,1080P coming with N8 successor :)

Refer to our last article where we covered first video teaser of "Pure view" aka upcoming N8 successor/808 pure view by Nokia. There we have mentioned the keywords from the video. Now time to do some maths to find some meaningful inference out of the keywords, Pure detail: As rumors have it N8 successor might

Nokia releases “Pure View” Teaser video !! Hints at N8 successor coming to MWC.

Pure detail Pure depth Pure definition Get ready to capture a Pure View :) 27th Feb 2012, MWC. This all are keywords of a Nokia's official teaser video, which reminds me of promotions before Legendary N8's launch. So N8 successor is coming finally bearing "Pure View" branding, now officially at MWC. [youtube=]

Symbian/Nokia Carla update coming to all devices in Q4 2012. 603,700,701 to ship with Carla in Q3 2012!!

A trusted source has shared with us following info about Symbian /Nokia Carla, 2nd gen Belle devices 603,700,701 will start shipping with Carla in Q3 2012   1st gen Belle devices N8,C7,E7,X7,E6,C6-01 ( and 2nd Gen as well ) will get Carla as software update in early Q4 2012.It will be a global release as well.   Carla update for