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Death of SLRs!! PureView phase1, PureView Phase 2, Rich-reording, ProCam and that portability make Lumia 1020 a winner.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] So, Nokia has manged to pull off what imaging enthusiasts wanted it do. To bring PureView phase1 and phase 2 together. They have not only brought OIS and oversampling together in Lumia 1020, but also improved the 41 MP sensor. The sensor on Lumia 1020 is BSI instead of

Innovations that make Lumia 720’s cameras (Rear +Front) incredible !! Official sample photos.

In case you are drooling over the "Low-light" prowess of Lumia 720's 6.7 MP camera, then you must be interested to know the tech and innovations that makes it click. Juha Alakarhu, Nokia’s head of imaging technologies has revealed the innovations that has gone into making mid-range Lumia 720' camera better competitor's