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Opera Mini for Windows Phone updated with UI changes.

Opera Mini for Windows Phone has been revamped in the latest update. The latest version brings lots of UI changes and updated branding. There is no detailed changelog provided by Opera however, so we will list down what we noticed. Opera Mini Changelog: New Logo New theme across the entire app UI New

Microsoft Edge first browser to have Dolby Digital Plus support

  Microsoft has today revealed that Microsoft Edge is the first browser to include support for high quality Dolby Audio. Advancement in media experiences continues in Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Today, we are announcing that Microsoft Edge includes HTML5, MSE and EME support for a new audio format:  Dolby Audio™.  It

Spartan may come with tagline “Browser for doing”

Microsoft has decided to do away with Internet explorer and adopt Spartan as the new default browser for Windows 10. You can see Spartan in hands-on action in our Windows 10 for Phones demo video. Now, it seems Spartan will come with tagline "Browser for doing", as gets revealed by

Microsoft talks more about Spartan, the browser

Microsoft has introduced its new browser "Spartan" for Windows 10 during yesterday's event. Now, Microsoft has gone into details of the browser, that looks quite promising. Above screenshots reveal how the browser will look on Windows 10 for phones. You can notice Cortana integration, new icons at the bottom and

Windows Phone 8.1 tips about Notification center, Manual apps updates, Browser & Keyboard

Time for miscellaneous Windows Phone 8.1 tips about Notification center, Manual apps updates, Browser & Keyboard!! Windows Phone 8.1 brings ability to check apps updates manually and even allows auto-update of apps if enabled. Check the video for how to do it. Notification Center can even be accessed when your phone is