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New in GDR1 update: Speech settings for non-natives, Snooze timings, Internet sharing over Bluetooth

These are few of the Windows Phone update 1 features / changes missing from the official changelog. 1) Alarms now have snooze timings. Go to Apps homescreen---->Alarms 2) Not sure if everyone got this. But speech has setting "improve recognition for non-native speakers. Settings----> Speech 3) Windows Phone store Live Tile settings, Go

Weekend roundup: Windows Phone 8.1 & Asha leaks, Lumia 1020 review, Nokia vs HTC, Market share reports, Apps highlights & more.

In weekend roundup, we are bringing to you some highlights from our coverage over the weekend. We covered some really interesting topics over the weekend and won’t like you to miss them. Windows Phone 8.1 BSIG certification & homescreen screenshot leak: One was found by us (Bluetooth certification) and one was tipped to

Windows Phone 8.1 passes BSIG certification.

A listing made today on Bluetooth SIG reveals Windows Phone 8.1 passing the certification. As can be seen in the above screenshot, the description clearly mentions "Mobile Phone operating system" and the design and design model number both bear "Windows Phone 8.1" name. The certified specification is Bluetooth 4.0 with

Samsung’s 5-inch,1080p Windows Phone SM-W750V now appears in Bluetooth certification.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] A new Windows Phone from Samsung with 5-inch screen and high-end pricing was revealed earlier from Zauba records and The device is codenamed SM-W750V and now it has appeared in Bluetooth certification and UA profiling as well. The dev profiling shows that it will have a 1080p display