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App news: Nokia Music updated. Bluetooth Share and Camera Extras available for WP7.8 devices.

Nokia has recently announced Nokia Music+,  a premium music service with really cool pricing. Now, Nokia Music has been updated with Nokia Music+ and carrier billing support as well. If you remember, Nokia Music on Symbian devices already supports carrier billing. Great to see it reaching to Lumia devices as

“Bluetooth share” and “Ringtone maker” apps available for WP7.8 running Lumias at WP Store.

WP7.8 firmware is available at NaviFirm for all WP7.5 running Lumias , but will roll out only in beginning of 2013. But those impatient souls who took risk of flashing their devices with the WP7.8 firmware, are now rewarded by Nokia with first experience of much awaited Bluetooth file transfer and Ringtone maker