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Shared platform, Shared Blue apps, Cross-platform tiles. Details emerge about Windows platform unification.

More leaks emerge and they highlight how Microsoft plans to unify or converge Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.1 going forward. It starts with convergence of apps and shared resources to target apps for various form-factors. Shared platform for rendering right app to right form-factor Blue Shares Apps designed once will serve

Windows Phone 8.1 SDK Build 8.10.12298 hands-on video leaked.

I know every windows phone user has been sitting at home for a long time awaiting the release of Windows Phone 8.1.  Well this isn't open to the public, but seeing how it works and some new features hands on is definitely better than nothing. Features Screen Project App slide down to close Advertising

Leaks: “#Cortana” app in GDR3 app list. ProCam, Glance for all #WP devices with WP 8.1. New screenshots.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] The leakster "Qxerro" seems sitting in a WP OS testing room and leaking things from there. He has let few interesting tidbits out again along with two screenshots. One shows WP 8.1 running on what looks like Samsung Ativ S and other shows the schematic diagram of the icons

#Lumia620 image running early build of WP8.1 / recent build of GDR3 posted. Reveals notification centre / Tile.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] The above image has been posted in XDA developers forum by a member who found this image in a MicroSD card. The most interesting part is to see a notification tile showing 2 notifications. May be the above Lumia 620 is running early WP8.1 aka WP Blue or a