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Leaked: Black Friday deal (Priced only $399 on Verizon) for #Lumia2520. Actual price what we reported.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] A leaked photo of promo material verifies the pricing information of $499 for Lumia 2520 reported by us earlier. It was also reported from our sources that the Tablet will hit the carriers in 3rd-4th week of November. That also stand vindicated as it seems there will be a

Lumia 920 sold out at Walmart.White sells out at Amazon for 3rd time.Amazon selling Black at $59 now.

Lumia 920 is certainly seeing good stock movement in USA even in Q1 2013. Walmart had Black Lumia 920 and while it was always in the "Best-Selling Cell Phones with Plans” list, now it is completely sold out at Walmart. We saw how Red Lumia 920 topped the charts at Amazon before