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Supply improves and #Nokia Lumia 521 storms the charts. No.1 best seller phone at Walmart as well after Amazon.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Yesterday we informed how in stock Lumia 521 is top seller No-contract phone at Amazon. Now seems supplies have really improved as it is in stock at Walmart too :P. And, it is now taking the best seller charts by storm. It is currently the no. 1 best seller phone

Lumia 720 & 520 bestsellers at Flipkart & Snapdeal. Lumia 520 in stock at Flipkart, UniverCell & Snapdeal in India.

Lumia 520 which was sold out across all major retailers in India is slowly becoming available. It is now in stock at Flipkart, Snapdeal and UniverCell. Though not all colors are available. Also, surprisingly at Nokia's official shop hottest selling color Black is still out of stock. Anyways at Snapdeal, Lumia 520 is the 2nd bestselling device. Snapdeal

For over one month Lumia 920 has topped Phonehouse’s (France) “Bestsellers list”.

It was more than one month back, when we reported for the first time that Lumia 920 is on the top of the bestsellers list at Phonehouse France. At that time the device was on pre-order. Since then and till now , it has continued to storm the Bestsellers chart and even after one

Weekend Read: Lumia 920 “Sold outs” and “Bestseller charts performance” round up.

Lumia 920 has been released now albeit in a frustratingly slow manner in many major markets and it has been welcomed whole-heartedly by its fans across the markets  leading to "single day sold outs" and topping the various "Bestseller charts". This is weekend now, so thought of compiling all the available info about Lumia 920's

Black Lumia 920 available to order online at Phonehouse France.All three colors now in bestseller chart.

Two good news coming from France !! First as promised by Nokia, Black Lumia 920 is now available to order online at . Other two colors Red and Yellow are still available to pre-order only. Black Lumia order link Second news, is that for the week of 21st October, not only Lumia 920 Black retained its