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Nokia Lumia 928 Review

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Getting one of Nokia's flagship devices to review is quite a treat, so first we would like to thank Nokia for sending us the Lumia 928 review unit.  I currently own an 822 as my personal smartphone so having this 928 with me for the past several weeks has

#Lumia925 placed in Enrique Iglesias’s latest music video. Two latest Lumia 925 advertisements from Nokia and Verizon.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Time for some awesome videos. First one is latest music video of "Enrique Iglesias". Lumia 925 has been placed perfectly in this video and even it has been demoed taking low-light images as seen in screenshot above. Watch the video below or click here. Now, latest advert from Nokia featuring

Adduplex data: Highlights and trends!! Lumia 520 is the top dog. Lumia 620, 521, 928 rising too. Nokia’s domination grows.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Highlights and trends identified from the Adduplex’s stats for WP devices captured on 10th July. Lumia 520′s exponential rise continues worldwide. Lat month it was 5th most sold WP device and now it is the no. 1 device overtaking Lumia 920. It has grown from 20.8% to 31.3% in India