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Nokia Innovation: Charging Lumia 925 in seconds using power of “lightning”. Video demo.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Innovations at Nokia never cease to amaze and push boundaries of tech as we know it. In collaboration with University of Southampton, Nokia has been able to harness the power of lightning, ( yes you heard it right :) ) for charging Lumia 925. “We were excited by this challenge

#Lumia925 consistently takes sharper & more detailed images than #Sony #Xperia Z1 in an extensive shootout.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] So, Sony Xperia Z1 meets its real Nokia competition after attempts by some to pit it against mighty Lumia 1020. "Unleashthephones" have done an extensive shootout between Lumia 925 and Sony Xperia Z1. Now, many fans would like to see Sony's 20 MP sensor wonder phone crushing Lumia 925.

For August #Lumia520 & #Lumia820 top selling personal & business smartphones at Elisa. #Lumia925 off to a strong start.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Good news coming from Finland. At largest operator Elisa, Lumias are top sellers in both personal and business category for the month of August. Have a look at the top-5 selling smartphones on the Elisa list. Elisa's best-selling phones for personal use in August 2013, five of the top: 1. Nokia