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More #Lumia1020 shootouts vs #SGS4 vs #iPhone5 vs #Lumia925 vs 808 PureView. Galleries from Forbes, Pocket-lint!!

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Some more shootouts for Lumia 1020. It has been pitted against whole lot of camera smartphones including all major competitor flagships and even two from Nokia themselves, mighty 808 and 6-lenser Lumia 925. Above is one the comparison photo done by CNET. Lumia 1020 is on extreme left followed

Comparison between 200% & 300% crops of Lumia 1020 and 808 full-resolution (34 MP) images. Lumia 1020 sems to capture less noise.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] Ever since Lumia 1020 has been unveiled, a bunch of people have been trying to downplay the achievement of Nokia in putting a 41 MP sensor in a slimmer package. Now, many have raise concerns about noise in sample images captured with Lumia 1020 and surprisingly they mention that

Top stories from weekend: Elop’s interview. Lumia 1020’s huge popularity. #Lumia1020 vs 808. Lumia 1020 on pre-order & GSMArena becomes fan.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Time to take you through the top stories from weekend, so you don't miss out on anything interesting we covered over the weekend. CEO Elop's interview with WSJ and ET: Elop famously said to WSJ, "hard to understand the rationale” for selling Nokia’s device business and also that smartphone shipments are