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Lumia 505 officialy revealed. 3.7 inch CBD AMOLED display, Curved screen and 8 MP camera .

Nokia Mexico has officially revealed Lumia 505 and the product page has gone live. It is certainly most beautiful looking of all the low-end Lumia devices with curved display and seemingly  polycarbonate unibody with N8 like frontal design. It will be available in Black, White and Red. Read about major features of the device below,  3.7 inch CBD

Nokia 900/ACE officialy announced !! salient features(Key selling points),Product sheet,specification,pictures,hands-on video.

Here is the first hands-on video of Lumia 900, [youtube=] Nokia 900/ACE was finally announced at CES yesterday.Following are the key product features for the new Nokia WP Flagship, Beautiful Unibody design similar to N9 and 800,Slightly thinner than both N9 and 800. 4.3 inch AMOLED ClearBlack Display (CBD),Excellent visual angles and exterior sun light performance. Rear camera is supposedly better than