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Windows Phone 8.1’s new version revealed from WPBench. May be the GDR1.

A Reddit user has posted a screenshot from WPBench revealing the new Windows Phone 8.1 version. The latest version which has been added just 3 days back is 8.10.14130.0 and it is a big...

Lumia 630 gets Firmware update adding continuous autofocus & skype integration to dialler

A new software update is rolling out to Lumia 630 it seems. The update takes the Lumia 630 OS version to 8.10.12397.895, the same OS version that Windows Phone 8.1 dev preview version got updated...

3rd update for Windows Phone 8.1 rolling out. Installation experience & changelog

Microsoft has pushed 3rd update for Windows Phone 8.1 developers preview. The update takes the  OS version to 8.10.12397.895. Microsoft has also provided a changelog to go with and as expected there are no...

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