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Nokia officially confirms “Portico” update roll out for Germany. WP7.8 roll out in next few days. How to update ?

Nokia has now officially announced the roll out of much awaited PR1.1 aka Portico update for Lumia 920 and 820 in Germany. Below is the changelog according to the announcement, though most of us already know about the changes. The update for Windows phone 8 provides some enhancements: including messaging is now

“Bluetooth share” and “Ringtone maker” apps available for WP7.8 running Lumias at WP Store.

WP7.8 firmware is available at NaviFirm for all WP7.5 running Lumias , but will roll out only in beginning of 2013. But those impatient souls who took risk of flashing their devices with the WP7.8 firmware, are now rewarded by Nokia with first experience of much awaited Bluetooth file transfer and Ringtone maker

PhotoBeamer comes to WP7.5 Lumia devices. Windows Phone store comes to new markets, adds SD card installation.

Nokia's photo projecting application "PhotoBeamer" which has been announced for Lumia WP8 devices is now available for WP 7.5 devices. The PhotoBeamer is now available for download for Nokia Lumia 510, Lumia 610, Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 in the Windows Phone Store. Features: It works like a mobile projector that’s