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Lumia 610, Nokia Asha 202, 203, 302 official videos :)

Lumia 610's official promo video, [youtube=] Lumia 610's hands on video, [youtube=] Asha 202 official video, [youtube=] Asha 203 official video, [youtube=] Asha 302 official video, [youtube=]

Asha 202, 203 and 302 key features, prices and full specs :)

Three new Asha devices 202, 302,203 have been announced at MWC. You can read the full specs comparison at the below link, Asha devices comparison specs. Now some salient points noted from the keynote at MWC, 202 and 203 have got touch input and keypad. Life skills tools for Asha range being described. Learn english, financial communication