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A small Nokia US market analysis


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Hi all Nokiapoweruser fans, first of all I would like to say thanks to Kamal for letting me write on this great blog! Hope you all like my first article, I’m open for comments @rogerhendriks.

After a little personal analyses of the US market it was difficult to draw some final conclusions. The off contract market still looks great. At shops like T-Mobile and Amazon Off contract the Lumia 520/521 still sells like hotcakes.

At HSN, the first shop to sell the 521 and were it was #1 for months, it has dropped to #7 with a price of $79,95.

The on contract market gives a different image. On Amazon AT&T the first Windows Phone is the Lumia 1020 at #8. At the Amazon Verizon list the Lumia 928 is the first at #15.

After checking Google Trends for the US you can see that interest for existing phones is indeed declining a little and interest for the 1520 allready looks great.

Also interesting to see is that the 1020 still has great interest. With the price lowered to $99 at AT&T and the new 1520 coming soon this should surely boost sales. This following weeks will be exciting for the Lumia fans!

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