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Seems Symbian support has become “First casualty” of MS-Nokia deal.


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It will really pinch to millions of Symbian users out there( including me). Seems, recent MS-Nokia deal has expedited the process of removal of Symbian support which was promised by Nokia to continue till 2016. In a recent letter to developer community Nokia has told them that they will not be able to submit new Symbian / Meego apps or update to already existing Symbian / Meego apps from January 2014.

Dear Nokia Developer,

With the growing business opportunities available on the Asha and Windows Phone platforms, we have been reviewing our developer content programs to see how we can maximize our support to you, our developers. As a result of this review, we have decided to focus our support and investment in new content toward Asha and Windows Phone. Over the next few months we will be transitioning our active developer support away from Symbian and MeeGo.

If you have Symbian and MeeGo content in the Nokia Store, it will continue to be available for download to customers, and you will continue to receive download and revenue reports as well as payouts for downloaded content. However, starting January 1, 2014, you will no longer be able to publish any new content or update existing content for Symbian and MeeGo.

We are very excited about the opportunities available with Asha and Windows Phone, and hope that you will bring your talents to these platforms. We believe that these changes will help improve our ability to support you as you develop fantastic apps for your customers.

While not being able to submit new Symbian / Meego apps is relatively very mild shocker as not many developers were creating new apps for sun-setting OSes, but the inability to submit updates to existing apps is simply ridiculous to say the least. That’s simply saying that starting 2014 you won’t be able to use your beloved 808 or whichever Symbian / Meego devices you own, in the way you used to.

While numerous sites and blogs can help in keeping user updated about “app updates” from developers, but it is simply nonsense decision considering promise of support till 2016 and should be opposed by one and all!!

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Via: AAS

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