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Narender Singh

Pretty right, @avitaran. Microsoft is trying something opposite of what Android is doing. Instead of opening things up, they are locking them. From the desktop windows 8 to the windows phone. Microsoft wants to control everything and keep it locked to themselves with no access and proper APIs for the appps to do specific tasks. Infact the present set of APIs make many of the apps handicapped when they are ported from Android to Windows Phone.
Microsoft has lived the open world in the past and they know it was such an amazing time, ruling all devices. Talking of windows, Windows 7 was really superb. 8 isn’t bad, but the metro apps are.
Unless Microsoft is ready to open up the APIs, mere file manager is nothing. Apps can’t save to the Video library, WhatsApp cannot access the videos and music library to upload anything.
@kamalnm you’re right, but in today’s world if WP forces you to live like kids, I won’t like that. You can’t even attach files to your email (again having a file manager alone won’t solve this). WP is still so lame that it can’t walk long if Microsoft is unable to do much. With BlackBerry 10 devices almost ready to run Android apps more properly, I’m sure it will become a much better OS than WP. A few cheap and proper devices running BB10 is all that takes to win over some devices marked as Microsoft which will look like Chinese Copy pastas. Nokia’s mlogo and efforts can’t sell Lumias for long. Sure there are many who prefer simplicity, but then there are many more who need more advanced functions.
As much as I like Nokia, I keep on hating WP. Even a dirt cheap Asha Phone has better file management and Usability Shortcuts than WP which is built by the king of Operating Systems.
I’m afraid, someday Microsoft will take the apple path, or maybe the historical Nokia path by developing software and services only for them and their devices. I see Microsoft wants to be the next apple.
Wish Jolla could do something by bringing in a better OS which works like Android 😉