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Recent Snapdragon 800 sightings may hint it coming to Phablet with 41 MP sensor and 16-lens Array camera.


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We reported an interview of Nokia’s Jo Harlow, where she hinted how Nokia is certainly looking to bring “computational photography” aka that 16-lens Array camera from Pelican imaging to Lumia range.


She at the same time emphasized how change in processing capabilities of smartphones will allow Nokia to bring “computational photography” to a smartphone.

I think that is a key challenge to bring to a smartphone because computational imaging or computational photography requires computational power. That was one of the limitations in bringing that kind of experiences on a smartphone. Changes in the processing capabilities of smartphones opens it up as an area of exploration,” Harlow explained.

So, sometime back brought a piece to you that if Nokia brings 41 MP camera sensor to a Lumia without any additional “chip” like they have on 808 PureView, then only Snapdragon 800 is the way. Read more,


Now, WMPoweruser reports that “Nokia Developer” page has got some references added recently to Snapdragon 800 and GPU Adreno 330.


So, certainly two things add up to one. Nokia will never go for a better processor for joining the spec war (though fans will expect them to lead here a well 🙂 ). So, as Jo Harlow as hinted and as the evidence of Nokia considering “Snapdragon 800” has popped up, it certainly is about the Phablet with 41 MP sensor and 16-lens Array camera hinted by “Pelican imaging” themselves.


It has been confirmed by our sources as well that Phablet with higher megapixel count and 16-lens Lytro camera may be revealed in Feb 2014. And, on top of that, above Phablet body exposure along with mention of Snapdragon 800 in Nokia Developer page happening at the same time is not a coincidence. Wot say?



If this higher megapixel count is 41 MP then it may blow away anything out there. Perhaps, that’s where, Nokia will need full computational power of Snapdragon 800.


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