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Real Manager, the best 3rd Party all in one File Manager

We all know that inbuilt file manager of Windows 8.1 is not good and powerful to do things. But Microsoft introduced new file manager for Windows 10 mobile which is enough to do basic things and it is quite good.

But that one also lacks some features and have some drawbacks. So we found an amazing full featured tthird party file manager for Windows Mobile. So we shares this app to our readers.

Real Manager

A great third party file manager app for Windows mobile with some good features and awesome UI. Everyone must try this app. It has built in music and video player which are very much good than any other players.


• Copy, move, rename, delete, search

• Share with all possible apps and devices, Bluetooth, NFC and etc

• Share files by WiFi

• You can copy your files in secure storage, then it is encrypted and no one can access your files outside the app without password

• Different copy and share file/folders (add items in clipboard)

• Open files with other apps

• Resume from last position

• show thumbnails of picture and videos

• Customization of list and grid view

• Music Player

• Allows the player run in the background

• Folder play music from anywhere

• Mini and large music player

• Gesture controls in mini music player (swipe right and left)

• Show list of playing musics

• Stop the music and then remove the player bar on top of screen

• seekable music player

• Video player

• Folder play video from anywhere

• View native video formats within App’s seekable video player

• Show list of playing videos

• Gesture controls for show/hide list of playing

• Picture Viewer

• Show list of pictures

• View Pictures with inbuilt viewer, zoom and swipe along multiple pictures

See the screenshots

Download Now.

So what do you think ??? Isn’t it great ?? Try and comment below..

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