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Universal Readit app updated with lots of new features

The third party Reddit universal app Readit snags a new solid update which bring lots of new features. The newer version is

The app developers added so many new features to the app . Now the app is almost fine tuned one with bug fixes and performance improvements.


Let’s see what’s new and what has been fixed

General Additions

  • New Browsing setting: Enable Javascript – Default: Off – enables javascript in the embedded browser (performance will decline with certain sites when this option is enabled)
  • “Saved” is now an option in the subreddits list at the top. Clicking this will take you to the saved section of your profile.
  • When loading context in swipeview, the context will be loaded and inserted into swipe view as the next item. Swiping backwards will get you back to the OP before loading the context and swiping forward will continue swipeview from where you left off.
  • Desktop: Removed the margin from the left side of the page content. It now aligns adjacent to the hamburger menu bar/edge of screen

Performance Improvements

  • Major speed improvements in page navigation speed
  • Post viewer has been completely rewritten
    • We now use direct manipulation, sort of like the other app but in a highly customized way that allows for our own virtualization. Performance improvements should be HUGE in both speed and memory while using the swipe view.
    • The post viewer first launch will be a bit weird and a little slower, but thereafter will be much faster than before in regards to swipe view. Sometimes, it doesn’t snap to the next or previous post. It isn’t very common and I am still looking into why it happens.
    • It isn’t perfect but I will continue to improve speed and other aspects of it so please leave some feedback with details if you do
  • Comments will collapse even faster
  • Low memory device optimizations have been applied and will prevent a lot of the out of memory crashing on those devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the duplicate favorite bug on desktop when switching between accounts
  • Fixed losing accounts and account issues related to that
  • Fixed favorites related bugs
  • Any sort of page navigation will now cause the hamburger menu to properly close (on mobile, depends on desktop setting)
  • Fixed the subscribe/pin toggles not populating correctly when opening the sidebar
  • Fixed not being able to pin multireddits to the start screen/menu

Download the app.

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