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POV: Releasing Nokia 9 with Snapdragon 855 even in Q2/Q3 ’19 will make more sense now


HMD has missed the proverbial bus once again when it comes to launching Nokia 9. While the device will enjoy its own share of attention because of its Penta-Lens camera even with Snapdragon 845 it will not convert into sales numbers sadly.

Qualcomm already has made Snapdragon 855 official and a big percentage of flagship buyers who can’t live with anything less than the “most powerful processor” in their shiny prized devices would certainly give Nokia 9 with Snapdragon 845 a miss. So, there the ship has already sailed and devices with Snapdragon 855 will start appearing by end of Q1/start of Q2 2019.

It makes sense to therefore launch Nokia 9 with the Penta-Lens camera and Snapdragon 855 even if HMD can manage it in Q2 or worse Q3. Just imagine a 5G supporting flagship with Penta-Lens Zeiss camera and Snapdragon 855. It is mouth-watering for sure.

This will also help in HMD making its Flagship launch cycle tuned to be in a better sync with Qualcomm Snapdragon launch cycle. This has helped other manufacturers like Xiaomi and OnePlus a lot and HMD should take cue from them.

In fact, being a big fan I would love to see Nokia flagships enjoying the kind of awe, appreciation and acceptance that they truly deserve. Launching Nokia 9 now might draw some attention but acceptance wise it may not create the magic.

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