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Poll results: 54% of #NPU readers will not buy a Lumia without Nokia. 46% may still consider if quality is intact.


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So, we conducted a poll to seek the opinion of NPU readers. Our blog visitors pool is obviously made up of Nokia fans, developers, investors and yes some WP fans as well. The poll was to find out what readers think of MS’s decision to not use Nokia brand for Lumia smartphones once the acquisition is done and whether they will still buy Lumia devices without Nokia name prefixed.

So, seems majority of voters 54% of them just wouldn’t consider buying a Lumia without Nokia brand. While it may be some solace for MS to see 25% of them saying they will keep buying Lumia devices and other 20% in case Lumia quality remains intact. But can MS afford to make 54% of the fans angry who not only buy devices but generate “word of mouth” buzz.

Anyways, there may be some blessing in disguise in Nokia brand being still available for smartphones in case Nokia wants to pursue it in 2014.

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You can still weigh in your opinion in the poll and if something changes further we can still analyze the results and present.

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