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Over 1 million Lumias sold in Finland ( To a population of 5.4 million) .


Nokia has taken to its Finnish Conversation Blog to announce an interesting feat. Seems, Finnish buyers have really taken liking to the Nokia Lumia range and over 1 million Lumias are already sold to a population of just 5.4 million.

While one can argue about not all devices being in use, but this is one big achievement considering the fact the first Lumia, the Lumia 800 landed there in only Feb 2012. This is also in spite of Nokia bringing all the Windows Phone 8 devices later to Finland than everywhere else, a complaint which we have been hearing since so long.

This is a testimony to Nokia Lumia quality and ease of use that Windows Phone provides, as Finnish are the most adventurous people when it comes to adopting devices from various manufacturers. Nokia had lost favor with Finnish buyers before Lumia was launched and iOS and Android reigned supreme. But with Lumia launches, Nokia regained smartphone market share quickly in Finland and estimates put its current share as high as 39%.

Though, with Nokia’s D&S going to Microsoft, and Jolla finding strong buyer support in Finland, it needs to be seen how things work out in Future. Microsoft has played nicely till now and is keeping office and jobs intact in Finland. That may help in garnering some support for Lumias, when they launch without Nokia branding in Future.

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