Some quick highlights from Q4 2011 results:

  • Strong balance sheet, with net cash and other liquid assets of EUR 5.6 again confirms that Nokia would not face financial risks (Take over,Bankruptcy) going ahead
  • Symbian is again the face saver of Nokia with increased contribution of about 17 million devices in smartphone sales.This shows that on the reports of Symbian’s decline in Europe and USA , it is certainly on rise in other parts of Nokia’s market.
  • Featurephones are where Nokia still rules the roost and has amazing brand loyalty. (93.9 million units sold) with a growth of 5% over Q3 2011
  • Smartphones ( 19.6 milion units sold) with a growth of 17% over Q3 2011, leaves us with hope for future

Taking Nokia’s 2011 results into consideration it seems Nokia must allow its three operating systems Meego Harmattan, Symbian or Nokia Belle, Windows phone to compete freely in the market, and should come up with flagships for all three which can take market by strom. All the three operating systems have their own individual designs and strengths. Hence cannibalization will not be significant. As Q4 2011 results proves that even after launch of N9 and Lumias,  Symbian has not lost its charm and customer base.

More comments on the road ahead for Nokia,,

  • Lumia has a long way to go in being a worthy replacement to Symbian.It will obviously need time in doing so. Also operating system and UI design wise both are very different. Symbian has always been love of those who want customisation and lots of features along with great imaging abiility.
  • Hence Nokia must try to cement its position in sales of Symbian smartphones, which has remarkably shown a lot of resilience in Q3 and Q4 2011. New Symbian Launches with better spec will certainly help here. Lots of Nokia fans including me are waiting for that elusive N8’s successor with better camera and running Symbian. It will have many takers.
  • N9 have been much liked and it generated much attention for Nokia than any of the Lumias. In a way it is a flagship device for Nokia with great design,UI and performance.Its awesomesness has been strengthened furher with Pr 1.1 and will get many new features with PR1.2.
  •  Nokia must try to use the interst generated by N9 and launch a improved N9 successor with better specs (Processor) and may be a larger screen (4.3), and better camera.This new device will also get help from N9 apps which have come after N9’s launch.