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Official Chipolo app is now available for Windows Phone.


Official Chipolo app is now  available for Windows Phone. This app works in sync  with Chipolo and helps you  find your item, whether it’s lost or was just left somewhere .

For those who don’t know about Chipolo, it is a Bluetooth item finder and its companion app was already available for iOS and Android. This app is simple and easy to use and great news is it being free.


• Find your Chipolo by sound.
• In/Out of range notifications: App will notify you with a sound notification when your Chipolo™ will go out of range or/and when Chipolo™ will go in a range.
• Shake Chipolo™ & Find your phone: If you misplaced your smartphone, shake your Chipolo™, and your phone will buzz to tell you where you left it.
• Temperature sensor: Chipolo™ has a built-in temperature sensor. How cool is that? By knowing the temperature you can determine whether you left it outdoors or indoors.
• Last saved location: If your Chipolo™ is out of range this feature will show you a map with the location of your Chipolo™. You can even use turn-by-turn navigation in Bing Maps app to search for your Chipolo™.

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Thanks Jaydeep for the tip. Cheers!!

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