Lumia 800

Good news for Nokia investors and well wishers. Bloomberg with help of average estimation of many analysts, says that Lumia handsets sales will be more than 1 million in Q4 2011. Now if you remember we too made Q4  2011 sales prediction,and we gave 1.2 million sales figure to Lumia. Seems too good to be true. Check our earlier published article here,

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Lumia 800

Let us have a look what the Bloomberg article talks about,

The Lumia handsets, which went on sale in Europe in November, probably sold 1.3 million units globally to operators and retailers by the end of last year, according to the average estimate of 22 analysts compiled by Bloomberg. The projections range from 800,000 to 2 million and only one analyst predicted sales of fewer than 1 million handsets.

“The numbers look promising,” said Espen Furnes, an Oslo-based fund manager at Storebrand Asset Management, which sold Nokia shares last year and counts Apple Inc. (AAPL) in more than $60 billion it oversees. “If Nokia is able to have a strong launch and surpass at least 1 million and keep that type of momentum, this would help put them in a credible position that is crucial to winning back investors.”

One of the analyst also gave a figure of 1.4 million for N9, while our prediction is bit more at 1.8 million. She also predicts that average selling prices for Nokia device might go up due to introduction of N9 and Lumia range of devices,which is very logical in our view.

Nokia’s fourth-quarter results will also include the N9, a Lumia 800 lookalike running Nokia smartphone software called MeeGo, which began shipping in September at prices from 480 euros. The N9 may have sold 1.4 million units last quarter, Pareto Oehman analyst Helena Nordman-Knutson said.

“People forget it’s not all about Lumia, there’s the N9 as well and it’s part of this transition,” she said. “With these new devices the average selling price could lift because the proportion of lower-priced smartphones will decrease.”