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Nokia’s 10 fascinating facts about Supermaterial “Graphene”. Introduction video.


We can certainly sense something coming out of Nokia’s stable that uses Supermaterial “Graphene”. Nokia is really creating kind of buzz around Graphene. They have posted a second article about Graphene and this article tells us “10 fascinating facts” about the wonder material. So, here it goes,

  • It’s only one atom thick! This makes it mathematically two dimensional and one of the thinnest materials imaginable.
  • It is a Nobel Prize winning discovery.
  • For isolating graphene, Geim and Novoselov used sticky tape to pull a single layer of graphite free—a technique known as mechanical exfoliation—and ended up with graphene.
  • Pretty pricey. Graphene to cover the head of a pin would cost upwards of €1,000.
  • Massively stretchy—it stretches up to 25% of its length!—and extraordinarily stiff. In fact, it’s the stiffest, or hardest, material known. It’s even stiffer than diamond!
  • Even after being the thinnest thing, even at just one atom thick, it’s still visible.
  • It’s fantastically good at electricity conduction and can be used in making 10 times better batteries.
  • Graphene shrinks when it is warmed and it expands when it is cooled :).
  • It’s the most impermeable material yet to be discovered.
  • Electrons can pass through it easily and hence will make many experiments possible in high-speed quantum physics.


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