Nokia has recently published an article over Nokia conversations about super hydrophobic coatings being developed in its labs and good news is that they are very close to doing that.They have used analogy of Banana leaf, on which when the drop of water falls, bounces, and rolls away without trace – leaving the leaf clean and water repellant.

To achieve the water-resistant, and stain-resistant, qualities of a lotus leaf the team at NRC is in the final stages of designing a Superhydrophobic coating which would be applied to the outside of a mobile phone.


The Superhydrophobic coatings have a contact angle that can approach 180 degrees – and the liquid forms discrete drops that literally bounce off the surface.“The difference is the nano-structured coating, trapping air at the interface, that makes sure the liquid never actually touches the surface.”

On asking, what will this kind of coating can help in achieving, the scientist says that,

But a Superhydrophobic coating makes it likely that you can drop your phone in a bowl of water, or in a cup of coffee, and it will survive.“It will improve the water resistance, fingerprint resistance and anti-reflection properties of the device.”

Adding to this exciting news of super-dry, Nokia NRC team at Cambridge adds that,

  • The team at the Nokia NRC in Cambridge are “pretty close”to perfecting a robust exterior Superhydrophobic coating.
  • Superhydrophobia is only one part of building a new form of phones. At the Cambridge NRC the team are working on using nano-technology to make phones that not only survive being immersed in liquids, but that can also stretch, bend and flex:
  • “We’re creating a new kind of interactivity, Bower says, “A whole new haptic language for how you use your phone.”